Captain Matthew Inglis


About Captain Matthew Inglis

Captain Matthew Inglis, a seasoned sailing professional, commands a 57 Meter Commercial Vessel, showcasing his expertise and leadership on the high seas. He calls Fort Lauderdale, Florida, his home when he’s not plying the waters. Matthew’s deep affinity for the sea is evident through his involvement in various ocean-related activities, including sailing, distance swimming, and other maritime pursuits.

Captain Matthew Inglis has accumulated a wealth of experiences throughout his career. Notably, he has sailed an impressive seven hundred thousand nautical miles on both private and commercial vessels. His training history is equally captivating, starting with his education at the US Navy Navigational School and later advancing to the US Navy Ship’s Pilot School, supplemented by training at Cryptography School. Additionally, Matthew prioritizes safety and security, having received specialized training in Handguns and Rifles and holding a Top Secret Security Clearance from the USN and HUET Helicopter Certifications. With his extensive expertise, he ensures a smooth and secure voyage for all while embracing the enchanting allure of the maritime world.

Matthew Inglis assumes numerous responsibilities as the Captain of a prominent commercial vessel. Matthew prioritizes creating unique, extraordinary, and unforgettable experiences for his clients and guests. He consistently strives to deliver a five-star service, regardless of challenges or prevailing conditions, collaborating closely with owners to achieve this feat successfully on countless occasions. Before his current position, Matthew served in various roles on different vessels, notably as the Captain of Liquidity, a 37M Platinum Motoryacht, where Matthew ensured the safety of passengers and hosted remarkable parties for three years. His expertise extends to other notable vessels, including Arete (a 46M Bloemsma van Breemen Motoryacht) and FAM (a 203ft 62M Jet Propulsion), where he demonstrated his proficiency in maintaining exceptional standards.

The ocean is captivating and beautiful – but also full of inherent dangers. As a seasoned professional and Captain, Matthew Inglis has acquired a profound appreciation for and reverence towards the sea. Throughout his career, Matthew has exhibited remarkable courage by assisting those in need, including rescuing lost-at-sea divers in Hawaii and saving three fishermen from perilous waters in Mexico.

Thanks to his career, Captain Matthew Inglis has emerged as a fervent champion for ocean philanthropy, fully aware of the pressing need to safeguard and revitalize our invaluable marine ecosystems. His unwavering dedication to funding and advocating initiatives focused on ocean conservation has played a pivotal role in raising awareness, propelling research, and implementing practical solutions for a sustainable future for our oceans. Supporting ocean philanthropy is paramount in our collective efforts to preserve and rehabilitate marine ecosystems, ensuring the well-being of marine life and the communities dependent on them while addressing critical issues such as overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction.

Captain Matthew Inglis is lucky that his professional path enables another passion – travel. He can sail the world, or at least the seas. This has given him plenty of opportunities to visit places Matthew would never have seen. He hopes someday to visit all locations on his travel bucket list.

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